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2876  ~  Photo Page

Orderly room and barracks of the 2876th GEEIA Squadron

Matt Felici in Bauang, LA Union (1968)

Matt Felici and Ron Roy in Guam (1968)

Ron Roy and Alex Mesevich in Guam (1968)

Matt Felici at the beach in Guam (1968)

Matt Felici at Monument Valley (2005)

(L to R) Mike Strickland, Ike Howland, Benny ?????, Bob Noone

Preparing to set a gin pole at Camp O’Donnell (1962)

Members of the 2876th GEEIA setting a gin pole at Camp O’Donnell with a V-18 (1962)


This photo was taken at Clark AFB, in 1968.  The airmen were members of the 2876th GEEIA Squadron, and they are from left to right -- James Warner, Alex Mesevich, Buck Reynolds, and Bert Gwaltney.  They were preparing to install some weather station equipment in the control tower

Clark Team Installing Weather Equipment

After checking the specs and documentation, the team in this photo was running diagnostics and checking the equipment after installation

Damaged ILS Antenna

Above & Below -- The photos show what was left of an ILS course and directional antenna at Clark AFB after a F-104 over shot the runway.  This was about 1968-69 after a GEEIA team had installed the system

Damaged Course Antenna
Clark AFB control tower from parachute shop roof

Clark AFB control tower photographed from the top of the parachute shop (circa 1968)

Clark AFB Control Tower

Clark AFB control tower console (circa 1968)

Clark Parachute Shop

Clark AFB parachute shop (circa 1968)

Installing weather satellite antenna
Coombs and McLean Installing an Antenna

Above, left & below

A GEEIA team consisting of William McManus, Charles Coombs, and James Warner installing a weather satellite receiver antenna on top of the parachute ship  at Clark AFB

McManus,Coombs & Warner
TACAN Transmitter
TACAN Antenna1

TACAN receiver (left) and antenna (top) at Clark AFB

Barracks at Kadena AFB, Okinawa where members of the 2876th GEEIA performed TDY duties in 1961.

Some 2876th GEEIA members relaxing at Kadena AFB, Okinawa while on TDY in 1961.

Above & Below:  Barracks “laundry girls” at Clark AFB (Circa 1961).

The 2876th GEEIA shop at Clark AFB (Circa 1961).

The feature film, Merrill’s Marauders, was filmed in the Philippine Islands on part of Clark AFB.  Several members of the 2876th GEEIA volunteered to be extras in the film, and got to meet some of the stars.

Airman Bob Studer of the 2876th GEEIA was one of the extras who worked in the Merrill’s Marauders film.  In this photo he is in his “wardrobe”.

Airman Bob Studer helping to offload a LSM at Le Shima Islands (circa 1960).

Above and Below:  Airman Bob Studer (circa 1960).

Angles, Philippine Islands (circa 1960).

Above and Below: San Fernando, Philippine Islands (circa 1960).

Tim Mazzola at left; Others and Date Not Known