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Ground Electronics Engineering Installation Agency

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2874  ~  Photo Page

Ramstein AB Control Tower

Ramstein Transmitter Shack (circa 1961)

Al Loja

Bob Moore-Grundy

Bob Stevenson

Bill Miller at the 2874th GEEIA warehouse

Bill Faul

Henry Anderson

Dick Bolin

Dick Cross & Bill Faul

Dick, Erika & Heidi Cross

Captain Dallas Woodrum & Nouvella

Cal Livingston

Bill Beach

Sangdahlem AB ILS Survey

Freising GRCs

Freising Antennas

HF Log Periodic Antenna - Evreaux

HF KWT6-5 Transceiver - Evreaux

Above & Below -- Inside Plant Team departing for Morocco (circa 1959)

Above & Below -- GEEIA team in Berlin

615 AC&W - Birkenfeld DEerbs radar

Antenna Farm

Radome - Erbeskopf, Germany

Bill Miller in Turkey

Leonard Barfield in Turkey

Jerry Brush

SSgt. Sullivan

SSgt. Roudebush

TSgt. Terry

Jim Nordquist, a Tech Rep

Mike Carroll of Kansas City, Kansas

John Westbrook

Birkenfeld AS

Metz BC-640s

Bill Miller & TSgt. Hickman

James Crawford, 1967 at RAF Croughton AS, England

Below is a newspaper clipping showing James working.

Left Photo: James Crawford (standing) with an unknown airman.

Right Photo: James Crawford (sitting) with an unknown airman.

What did you first notice?

The view from the 2874th GEEIA barracks (Circa 1966)

Leland Nickels & Raymond Bartlome  - May 1966

LOS Tower. The 2874th installed three towers - 2 in Italy 1 in Greece (circa 1966).