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Ground Electronics Engineering Installation Agency

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Pacific Region Headquarters  ~  Photo Page

Director/Division Chief plus staff officers and senior NCOs of the Material Division at the headquarters of the Pacific Region GEEIA, plus the commanders and/or supply OICs of the squadrons and detachments at Wheeler AFB, Hawaii

Photo taken late 1969 or early 1970

Standing L to R:  MSgt. Glass, unknown TSgt., Captain Don Hamby, unknown TSgt. unknown captain (485?), unknown MSgt. (2875 GEEIA -Tachikawa), Connie Bray (secretary), unknown captain (GEEIA Detachment at Kadena), unknown captain, unknown person, Captain Jim Graham, SSgt. Jim Nakagawa, possibly MSgt. Kahler, unknown person, MSgt. Gordon Kammeyer

Sitting L to R:  Captain Ed Enz, Lt Colonel Barent Dutcher (Director of Logistics), Captain Peck, Captain Dougherty (Detachment 1 at Hickam AFB), unknown captain