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Logos, Patches & Decals

If you have a patch or decal that is not displayed here, or if you have a better image than the ones posted here, please send a copy to James Badgett >>> Email.






EI Division

38 EI Wing

38th EI Wing

2863rd GEEIA Squadron

38 EI Group

38th EI Group

483 EI Squadron

483rd  EI Squadron


483rd GEEIA Squadron

485 EI Group

485th  EI Group


The 485th GEEIA Squadron was born in Vietnam around 1966 at Cam Rahn Bay, Vietnam as a tenant squadron of the 12th TFW.

485 CI Group

485th  CI Group

1835 EI Squadron

1835th EI Squadron

2874 GEEIA

2874th GEEIA Squadron

2874th GEEIA Squadron patch submitted by Nancy Rihard.  It was on her father’s bowling shirt.

272nd EI Squadron

38 CE Group

38th Cyberspace Engineering Group

1837th EI Squadron

738 EI Squadron

738th EI Squadron

85 EI Squadron

85th EI Squadron

1849 EI Squadron

1849th EI Squadron

938 EI Squadron

938th EI Squadron

1845 EE Group

1845th EE Group

2870th GEEIA Squadron

2869th GEEIA Squadron

216th GEEIA Squadron

216th EI Squadron

215th GEEIA Squadron

215th EI Squadron

213th GEEIA Squadron

212th GEEIA Squadron

213 EI Squadron

213th EI Squadron

211th EI Squadron

202nd GEEIA Squadron

202nd EI Squadron

210th EI Squadron

New logo pending approval

210th EI Squadron

270th EI Squadron

2nd Comm Group

270th GEEIA Squadron

205th EI Squadron

273rd EI Squadron

219th GEEIA Squadron

241st GEEIA Squadron

2876 GEEIA

2876th GEEIA Squadron

217th EI Squadron

243rd EI Squadron

2879th GEEIA Squadron

2876th GEEIA Squadron

2876th GEEIA Squadron

2875th GEEIA Squadron

2875 GEEIA

2875th GEEIA Squadron

2875th GEEIA Squadron

2867th GEEIA Squadron

2866th GEEIA Squadron

2862nd GEEIA Squadron

2860th GEEIA Squadron

1st Communication & Construction Squadron

2865th GEEIA Squadron

2866th GEEIA Squadron

2861st GEEIA Squadron

2872nd GEEIA Squadron

2868 GEEIA

2868th GEEIA Squadron at  Elemendorf AFB, Alaska.

It was designed by Major Nichols, a member of the squadron.

1836th EI Squadron

1843rd EI Squadron


Comm Systems Center

1827 EIS

1827th  EI Squadron

130th EI Squadron

838th EI Squadron

220th EI Squadron

Fred, the GEEIA-MDA-EI Mascot

The History of Fred

Fred was originally drawn by Joe Quirk (circa 1984-85) when he was an instructor in the AFCC EI Academy at Tinker AFB.

The original version was modified slightly before it was adopted as the mascot for the Association.

Download a poster of Fred

The “Installed by GEEIA” labels (above and below) are enlarged from their orginal size to show detail.

The one below came from the 2860th GEEIA Squadron (circa 1961-63).  Your webmaster still has about 20 of them.