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Ground Electronics Engineering Installation Agency

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GEEIA-MDA-EI  Message Board

The message board is for posting questions and comments, to find previous friends, or to post any information you think relevant.  It is for all who served in a GEEIA, MDA, EI squadron, EE Group, and/or in a related capacity such as one of the regional offices, at the headquarters, in a Comm Construction or I&M unit.

>>> Connect to the message board <<<

To browse the message board, you DO NOT need a username and password.


You will need a username and password for these activities:

  • To post a message on the board
  • To email a member
  • To display your name and contact information for others to “find” you


Usernames must be in this format:   Last Name, First Name

There must be a comma after the last name, followed by a space before the first name.  Example:  Doe, John


To register, you will need the following information---

  • Last Name, First Name (You may include “Jr.”, “Sr.” etc.)
  • City & State where you live
  • Email Address
  • Last GEEIA, MDA, or EI Unit to which assigned (also Comm Construction or I&M units)
  • Rank or grade at end of last assignment
  • AFS Code (if you don’t remember, list your job function)
  • Dates of Service