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Major Thomas Enfield ~ October 1964 - June 1966


For Sale --- 2875th GEEIA “Neko Nomad” Patches

The above sketch and the information below was provided by Tony Schlueter.

My father retired from the USAF in 1981 after 22+ years of service.  In his earlier career days he was stationed at Tachikawa AFB with the 2875th.  He said he was there when the Neko Nomad patch was created and voted into use by the squadron.  Along with various memorabilia he has given me from this time, I possess what he says is the original artwork drawing of the Neko Nomad patch.

The artwork was drawn by someone in the drafting section, on paper using drafting tools and ink.  He said it was on display to the squadron before a vote was made to adopt the emblem.  He said all of the ground radio section actually hated it because of the reference to the "pole cat".  They were not "pole jockeys" and didn't climb poles to install wiring.  He said that he never saw the old octopus patch being worn by squadron members and no one really wore the Neko Nomad patch until it became somewhat mandatory.